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Death and dying are very much in the minds of EMS providers today. This podcast talks about all the things you need to know about calls involving death, from what and when to say something, death notifications, and the resilience to return another...

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How do you take your EMS classroom to the next level? In this podcast, Dan Batsie will give you the information you need to make your classroom more effective and dynamic.

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The NREMT is the oft-maligned and stress-inducing national certification organization. We are sure you've heard of them. Join NREMT Executive Director Bill Sieferth and Board Chair Kevin Mackey as they state facts, dispel myths, and discuss...

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When we wanted 7 Things about resuscitation, we went to the source. Bobby Wales is the Director of Education for the American Heart Association. In this episode, we talk about how the guidelines are developed, how they are meant to be used, and of...

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Limmer Education's own Richard Low talks about simulation in the EMS classroom with Dan. Whether you are an experienced educator with a sim lab or someone looking to do more, these 7 Things will help tune up or start up your use of simulation.

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Want to know how to deal with stressful calls on the street? This podcast provides 7 Things to deal with stress and improve performance from an emergency physician Dr. Mike Lauria, who was a special forces medic. Cool.