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For Institutional licenses (up to 5 classrooms) Please call 207.482.0622 x2.

NOTE: This is a streaming video. Make sure you have reliable Wi-Fi available. You can watch, pause and re-watch as many times as you want, on any device.

Don't have time to attend live NREMT prep classes? We have you covered!

Our new on-demand 2 Hour NREMT Review Video is jam-packed with in-depth NREMT-style review questions, answers, and tips that will leave you feeling ready to conquer the exam.

2 Hour NREMT Review follows the Limmer Path to Success.

Content Knowledge. Learn how to take the exam. Gain insights into core clinical concepts including pathophysiology.

NREMT Question Style. Understand how NREMT style questions are written. Learn how to read and value the information presented in each question.

Valuable Insights. Discover the common pitfalls, misconceptions, and misinformation about the exam.

Mojo! Believe you can pass the exam. Be confident you have the tools you need to succeed.

With your video facilitator, EMS educator, and author Dan Limmer, you will break down NREMT-style practice questions and insight that can't be found anywhere else! Including...

'What you see... What does it mean?' Questions. A different way of reading NREMT questions. Break down and evaluate the facts you are given so you choose the correct answer each time.

Readiness Assessment Questions. Core concept questions that combine knowledge and judgments necessary to pass the NREMT.

Reflections. Advice to help you evaluate your personal study style and habits to make sure your hard work leads to NREMT success.

Sample Multiple Response Questions (TEIs). Conquer this new format of NREMT question. We will show you how.

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