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EMT PASS is the result of a collaboration with Bill Brown, the former Executive Director of the NREMT. It will change how you prep for your certification exam and increase the chance you'll pass the NREMT the first time. Our EMT PASS Predictive Scoring(TM) process can predict if you will pass (or not), based on how well you do on the practice exams.

Over 600 Review questions are broken down into the following topics:
Airway and Ventilation
Cardiology and Resuscitation
Multiple Response--The National Registry is now including questions in the NREMT where more than one correct answer must be chosen. We've added this category to prepare you for seeing them on the exam.

Questions in each section will provide a detailed rationale. Use these sections to determine your readiness--and to help focus your study.

Once you are comfortable with your knowledge, move to the Test section and test yourself with two 120-question simulated NREMT exams. Upon completing a simulated exam, get diagnostic feedback on each section.