EMT Review Audio - EMT Lecture Series


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The EMT Lecture Series includes 30 relevant and insightful lectures to supplement your class or prepare for the NREMT exam. Each audio is dynamic and in a discussion format (not simply reading from a book or script) for easy listening.

Presented by EMS authors and educators Dan Limmer and Dan Batsie, the EMT Lecture Series provides about 15 hours of audio divided over 30 segments spread throughout the EMT education standards.

Segments include:
- Well-being of the EMT
- Medical-Legal Considerations in EMS

- Airway Maintenance and Suction
- Ventilation and Respiration

Patient Assessment
- Primary Assessment
- Secondary Assessment

Medical Emergencies
- Asthma
- Acute Coronary Syndrome
- Heart Failure
- Resuscitation
- Altered Mental Status and Opiate Overdose
- Stroke
- Seizures
- Allergic Reactions and Anaphylaxis

Trauma Emergencies
- Bleeding
- Shock
- Chest Trauma
- Abdominal Trauma
- Head Trauma
- Spinal Trauma
- Musculoskeletal Trauma
- Environmental

Special Populations and OB
- Childbirth
- Childbirth Complications and Neonatal Resuscitation
- Pediatric Emergencies
- Patients with Special Challenges
- Geriatrics

- EMS Operations
- Incident Command System - MCI -HazMat

- Practical Exam Success

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NOTE: audio lectures are streaming and can not be downloaded.

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