AEMT Remediation


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Instructors: This is a single license student product. Please call 207-482-0622 x103 to purchase in bulk

This AEMT Remediation program reviews core components of the AEMT scope of practice and meets the requirements of the 36-hour remediation program required by the NREMT after a third unsuccessful attempt. This program is CAPCE-accredited and accepted by the NREMT. You will receive a certificate upon successful completion to upload to the NREMT.

AEMT Remediation provides the information an AEMT student needs to pass the NREMT. The program starts with foundational information across the entire curriculum. Like the AEMT program, we reinforce basic knowledge at the EMT level. Using pathophysiology as a foundation, we cover 20 hours of core clinical content:
1. Introduction and Pathophysiology
2. Airway and Oxygen
3. Patient Assessment
4. Medical Emergencies
5. Cardiology and Resuscitation
6. Medical Emergencies
7. Trauma Emergencies
8. Trauma Emergencies
9. Special Populations
10. Operations

We then present an additional 12 hours of AEMT-specific material covering advanced assessment, diagnostic decision-making, and skills to be sure you are ready for the test.

1. Advanced Assessment and Differential Diagnosis
2. Shock, Trauma, and Fluid Resuscitation
3. Pharmacology and Med Calculations
4. Advanced Airway and Cardiology Concepts
5. Advanced Medical Emergencies
6. Advanced Case Studies and Exam Review: Putting it all Together

Whether using this for exam preparation or as remediation to gain three more NREMT attempts, Limmer Education's program gives you the best chance for success!

Watch 16 two-hour recorded sessions taught by Limmer Education Chief Learning Officer and textbook author Dan Limmer, then take a test to solidify your understanding and to ensure your success on the NREMT and beyond.

You can join anytime; learn at your own pace. (Note: This product is good for 90 days)

Who will benefit from Limmer Education remedial training?
- Those who have tried the NREMT before but were unsuccessful.
- Those who waited too long to take the NREMT exam would like a solid refresher.
- Those currently enrolled in an AEMT class who want additional help or remediation to succeed in class and before taking the NREMT.

How the Program Works
1. Take the NREMT Diagnostic Pre-Test to determine your strengths and weaknesses.
2) View the videos in each topical section.
3) Take the corresponding topic Test and pass with a score of 75% or higher
4) Watch the 2-hour NREMT Review video
5) Request your remediation certificate Once you have passed all topic tests.
6) View and download your awarded certificate
7) Upload as proof of remediation on your NREMT application
We believe this is the best and most comprehensive exam preparation and NREMT remedial training available.

What are the remedial sessions like?
Each two-hour session begins with an overview and case study. Content is engaging, conversational, and relevant to your practice. The session will then cover essential terms and concepts for each topic using various dynamic methods, including critical thinking activities and detailed drawings. It will conclude with NREMT-style review questions to help attendees better understand and succeed on the exam.

These are NOT boring lectures driven by even more boring slides!

Whether you are a first-time tester, someone who's been out of class a little too long, or someone facing a fourth+ attempt - the time to start NREMT prep is now.