Dr. Marjorie Bowers Chooses EMT Review Plus for Florida Review Courses

Thursday, December 08, 2011

by Stephanie Limmer

Limmer Creative is pleased to announce that Dr. Marjorie Bowers Consulting, LLC has chosen to integrate Limmer Creative's EMT Review Plus into her popular review classes throughout Florida. A respected educator, Dr. Bowers has provided review courses for 25 years to thousands of students throughout Florida. She has been involved in EMS education for 30 years. Dr. Bowers also is a site visitor for CoAEMSP which accredits EMS programs throughout the county.

Beginning in December, students will receive EMT Review Plus which contains 1100 study items including 350 study cards, 250 didactic review questions and five 100-questions simulated final exams. Written by leading national EMS educators and authors, EMT Review Plus has been widely praised for its functionality and high quality content. Products purchased through the Limmer Creative Learning Center may be used on any web-enabled device: computers, tablets or phones. Students may study on laptops at the station while waiting for calls--or on their phones before class. All activity tracks seamlessly--students pick up where they left off in their last session.

For more information on Dr. Bower's review classes in Florida please contact her at mbowers22 (at) gmail.com