Changes to EMT PASS

Friday, April 04, 2014

by Stephanie Limmer

We always invite user feedback - we love it as a matter of a fact! We recently did a trial of EMT PASS with a company in the military in exchange for their comments, suggestions and ideas. As a result of that trial we heard that often 120 questions is too long to go without feedback on whether you got the question right or wrong. They told us they wanted to know the answer after each question and get the benefit of the debrief rationale right then and there.

While we intentionally set EMT PASS up more as a "simulation" of the NREMT, we understand that users don't always have the time to sit through 120 questions and then see what was right and wrong. So... now EMT PASS will tell you whether you get the answers right or wrong as soon as you press "Answer". You will have the choice to listen to the debrief rationale then or wait until later. All exam sessions are saved so you can always go back and review questions anytime.

This change has been rolled out on the web version... for users with the Apple or Google App... please make sure you have the newest release of 1.1.

You spoke, we listened... what else would you like to see from Limmer Creative? Drop us line via the Contact us page!